Custom application development

Best practices of Custom application development for your needs
Developing an Application
We do not just gather requirements and embark upon developing an application.
We research your industry and study your competition. Based on the research and the inhouse expertise that we have we discuss; we consult and ask you intelligent questions to have a better clarity on what the product would actually be capable of.
Wireframes are Predesigned
The wireframes are predesigned and approved from you to have an exact idea on how the inside pages would look like.
Architecture of the product and Database
The architecture of the product and the database design is based on the number of users expected to use the product in the future.
Team of Professionals with Experience ranging
We are a team of professionals with experience ranging from 3 to 19 years. We have the depth to deliver the right product to you. We have professionals who understand technology, we ensure that your product has the right UI & UX design that provides the user with amazing user experience. This is backed with the right database architecture and dynamic design so as to ensure that the product can cater to larger audience in the future and also to ensure that additional features and updates can be applied easily.
Apart from providing you the white label code, we can launch your application on a SAAS model and take care of all the backend services.

The undermentioned diagram illustrates our process:

Once the product is developed, we also present you with a “Go to Market Strategy”
We provide you end to end marketing and sales support in the Digital Arena.

Technology Expertise

As a technology organization, we are committed to implement the latest technologies so as to provide a seamless user experience to our customers in terms of speed, features, reports, analytics, predictive analysis and trends.

We have experienced resources in the undermentioned technology Stacks:

Backend: Node.js/Python/ PHP Frameworks

Frontend: Angular.js/React.js/Vue.js

Mobile Hybrid: React Native/Flutter

Mobile Native: Android Native/IOS Native

For details on our technology stack please click here:Technology Stacks

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