Google Ads

Best practices for your needs

The effectiveness of this campaign is all about communicating the right message at the right time to the right audience.

We do our due diligence to understand your customer’s behavior. We reach out to all potential customers who have searched for your product or services, and accordingly by using filters provided by Google Ads platform, segregate them by their behavioral stages and send them the right messages accordingly.

  1. See Stage: List of all potential customers for your product or services
  2. Think Stage: When they search for your product/service – First commercial intent
  3. Do Stage: When they effectively want to buy, they are effectively searching for the products/Services like yours
  4. Care Stage: When they have purchased your product and now you want to retain them and promote loyalty.

So, a single message/content cannot suffice for all stages. Like “Call to Action” message will not be effective at the “Think Stage” but is essential at the “Do Stage” of your customer.
The next Step is further applying filters in the google Ads Platform:

Reach out to the right customers and leave out the irrelevant audience

Segregate by Gender

Segregate by Geography

Segregate by Age Group

Create brand/product awareness

  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Drive traffic to your Video/Animation
  • Promote Brand on Social Media
  • Tell the world about your unique Offering
  • Get the right message to the right audience

Drive traffic to the shops and stores

  • Promote your product/service locally
  • Drive customer to your shop/store
  • Gain the power to attract your potential customers when they are in a proximity to your store when they are out to shop for your product/services offering
  • Be super competitive and kill competition.

Testimonials and clients

Good words. Good people

Create brand/product awareness

Run Re-Marketing Campaigns on all the people who visited your Site but did not convert.

Attain increased sales and profitability

  • Have access to much greater number of online customer base and specially who are looking for your Product/Services
  • Get the power to identify their “do” movement when they want to buy.
  • Get access to all the tools to interact with your customers by sending them the relevant messages at right time
  • Get the power of this intelligence to drive more sales
  • Have a direct impact on your Top line sales and Profitability

Extend reach online across all platforms

Google Search Network

Display Network like YouTube etc

Google Partner sites

Extend reach online across all devices




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